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Circle of Eagles 50th Anniversary Gala and Fundraiser

The Event:

Please join Circle of Eagles Lodge Society (COELS) for an incredible fun-filled evening honouring 50 years of service. The evening will include cultural celebration, live music, a silent auction, dignitaries, special surprise guests, fundraising and the premiere screening of ‘The Circle of Eagles’.

This 50th year anniversary celebration highlights the incredible achievements of Indigenous Brothers, Sisters, Board of Directors and staff that keep the home fires burning.

The Documentary film:

The Circle of Eagles – From prison to community, embracing Indigenous culture –

‘The Circle of Eagles’ is a fifty-minute documentary telling the story of COELS, from it’s beginning to the present, and looking forward.

The impact of government policies in residential schools, foster care, poverty, and addictions is a story of many Indigenous people; leading to higher rates of incarceration, poverty and educational achievement.

The founding president of COELS, Marge White, received the Order of Canada. She is a tireless advocate for positive change in the lives of Indigenous people.

When a request from Indigenous Brothers inside the Federal institutions for an Indigenous halfway house came to her attention, she brought that dream to life.

Healing with culture changes the course of one’s path, making a positive impact on Indigenous brothers and sisters as they leave the prison system.

This film hears from various voices. From Indigenous Brothers as they share their powerful stories of where they’ve been to where they are now. Founders, staff, Correctional Services of Canada and Elders tell stories of hope from individuals whose lives and hearts have been touched by the work done by all. Their stories highlight the impact of culture, overcoming incredible obstacles.

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