Peer Support Worker

Our Peer Support service is a new initiative to provide one on one support with brothers and sisters who have lived a common experience. 

We provide emotional and social support to the Brothers and Sisters to help with their reintegration into the community. Having shared a common experience gives our peer support workers the extra guidance to help in common situations. There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to peer support. It can take many different forms and be offered wherever people need it, whether in peer-run organizations, workplaces, schools, or healthcare settings. Peer support is intended to complement traditional clinical care and vice versa. Talking to our peer support worker is free of any judgment and is not an employee of CSC. 

A few examples of how you can work with the peer support workers. 

  • Harm reduction information 
  • What to do with idle time 
  • Personal and emotional support 
  • Housing needs 
  • How to navigate in this city 
  • Accompany you to appointments. 
  • Searching for a job 
  • Someone to talk to and listen. 
  • Assisting and articulating your goals for recovery
  • Learning and practicing new skills
  • Helping monitor such progress and supporting them in their treatment.
  • Modeling effective coping techniques and self-help strategies 

We are located at 2008 Wall Street in Vancouver BC.  Our Location is close to major bus routes and there is ample parking in the neighborhood. We will also be available for visits to the Naa-Na-Himyis Brothers Healing Lodge on request.