During the pandemic COELS has worked diligently in making sure the safety of the Sisters, Brothers, staff and essential visitors are a top priority. While we work through our new normal, the global pandemic, some of our cultural activities have changed to coincide with the BC Public Health pandemic protocols.  All staff, residents and visitors are required to follow the policies and procedures regarding COVID-19.

Wash hands when entering the Lodges or Resource Centre. Temperatures will also be taken and recorded daily for residents, staff, and essential workers on site

Mandatory Face mask at all times (except for eating/drinking when seated at the table)

Wearing your mask and maintaining appropriate social distancing (6 feet or 2 meters) when staff are interacting with each other and when meeting with Brothers and Sisters.

All high-touched areas must be wiped in the two-step procedure:
1. Use the spray bottle of soap/water to wipe the area clean.
2. Use the spray bottle that contains bleach/water.
Wipe the areas after step 1.  Let dry. This should be done often during the day

Continually provide messaging to the Brothers and Sisters that if they do not feel well that they inform someone immediately, as opposed to waiting for things to get worse.

Follow direction from CSC, as well as from public health for updated information which will be shared and posted.  All memorandums with the clipboard labeled, “COVID-19” are located at the Lodges.